Open, Closed or Flat Universe?


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Nit. – The other side has an other side as well

Hungarian talent Nit. returns to CV, reinstating her experimental prowess with four beat-challenging compositions that defy convention, ranging from breaks to ambient, DnB to minimal; thoroughly demonstrating the quintessential Nit. sound.
Not one to be restricted to the standard formats of arrangement, Nit. focuses on a diverse array of darker, droning elements together with shimmering, otherworldly melodic patterns, and a compelling rhythm section – creating a dynamic body of work that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Each work takes a dive into the deep end – the deep end that is Nit.’s complex, emotive, and dynamic sonic projection. The unearthing of Nit. and her talents will not go unnoticed.

Written and Produced by Nit. for CV
Mastered by Cirrus Audio
Image by Troy Langendoen
Released by: Connection Verified
Release date: 7 June 2018

CVR XII – Various Artists

Controlled Violence returns to deliver its second physical various artists compilation, proving again that the underground is well and truly alive.
Intent on demonstrating the beauty of electronic music, CVR XII is a work put together just as much by the artists as the label itself.
With five tracks in total, the A-Side of the release begins hard and fast. Sire introduces himself with a genre defying artwork that draws elements from old school breaks classics layered on top of a spacebound journey of synth sounds. Drhamer answers promptly with a system rattling, trance inducing techno pattern, proving to all that he has no hesitation when it comes to hard and loud.
Saphileaum starts the B-Side off with a mesmerising work of art that transports listeners to a realm of auditory melodic wonder, while Nit. continues the journey on a slightly darker note with a hint of sweetness, displaying her love of all sounds weird and wonderful. To round off, Vito Lucente entices all with an enchanting ambient work with the power to make hairs stand on end, a wonderful experience for listeners.

A1 – Sire – We Won’t Be Fine,
A2 – Drhamer – Involve,
B1 – Saphileaum – Cyclic Existence,
B2 – Nit. – Seventh,
B3 – Vito Lucente – A Single Blow

Pressed at R.A.N.D. Musik Leipzig
Insert by Troy Langendoen

Released by:
Controlled Violence
Release date:
8 March 2018

Own REleased – what is ‘NAM’?

[No Answer Monster]

Nit. – Space Operetta

Open, Closed or Flat Universe?

Written and Produced by Nit. for NAM
Mastered by Anita Balint
Image by Anita Balint
Released by: No Answer Monster [NAM]
Release date: February 24, 2021

Nit. – AI

How to live with AI?

Written and Produced by Nit. for NAM
Mastered by Anita Balint
Image by Anita Balint
Released by: No Answer Monster [NAM]
Released August 15, 2020